Lady Diamond Pros

10u12u,14u,16u,18u Father's Day2019
June 15 - June 16

Welcome to the official site for the Lady Diamond Pros. Lady Diamond Pros will be hosting this 2 day event at Nassau County Fields 

 - Saturday 6/15 and Sun 6/16, 2019

Father's day weekend 2 Day tournament brings together Nassau Long Island and surrounding areas teams to compete. 
 3 Pool games plus single elimination , 2 umpires + 2 game balls
for 10u it will be 2 pool games and single elim. 1 umpire /2 balls

Gold and Silver bracket for 8 or more teams registered

Gold 1st place team trophy and medals for players, Gold 2nd place medals for players

Silver 1st place team and medals for players

Teams (10u,12u,14u,16u,18u) : last updated 1/27/19
2019 teamsin bold are registered  or  to hold spots others are that participated 2018

12u Division 
  • LDP 12u  2019
  • LI Crush 12u 2019
  • Blue Fire 12u 2019
  • Pelhambay 12u 2018
  • Thunder  2018
      7. Cyclones 12u 2018
      8. Team Nirto 12u 2018
14u Division
  • LDP 14u Lou 2019
  • LDP 14u Andres 2019
  • Nitro 14u      2019
     4.  Thunder 14u 2019
     5.  Storm Academy 14u 2019
     6.  Blue Fire       2019
     7.  Cyclones 14u 2019
     8.  Comets14u
     9.  Port 14u
   10. LI Hurricanes 14u
   11.  HoneyChucks 14u
   12.  Dyker Heights Knights 14u
    13. Pelhambay 14u
    14 Lady Cobras 14u

16u Divison
Lady Diamond Pros 16u 2019
2  Cyclones 16u 2019

3  Lady Ducks 16u
4  Pelham Bay 16u
5  LI Crush 16u
6  Howard Beach Bulldogs 16u

18u Division
1 Lady Diamond Pros 18u 2019
2 Thunderbolts 18u

3  Hellcats 18u 2019
4  LI eclipse 18u
5  LI Crush 18u ?
6 Pelhambay 18u 
10u division
1 LDP 10u  2019
2 LI Crush 10u team
3 Bluefire  10u 2019
4 Knighthawks Billy 10u

Team name:_____________________ Division 10,12,14,16,18

Manager name and Cell:____________________________

coaches name and Cell:_____________________________

    note : fee for usage of credit card additional 4%
    Credit Card Number: ______________________________
    Expiration Date: _____________________
2. Check #: __________ Amount: _________
* check ($25.00 check return fee)

Please make payment to: Diamond Pros, Inc. 248-54 89 Avenue, Bellerose, NY 11426  or 
 Lou Cell 347-743-7078

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Tournament Quick Facts

Classification:a A/B/C
Division/Format: 10,12,14,16,18

Tournament Type: 

Tournament Director: Melissa
Tournament Fee: 625.00 all Divisions
for 10u fee 525.00

Tournament Application Deadline: May 21, 2019- Register by MAIL, reserve spot by email

** email or mail registration form


Payment Options:

    additional 4% for credit card usage
    Card Number: ______________________________
    Expiration Date: _____________________
2. Check #: __________ Amount: _________
     * check ($25.00 check return fee)

Please make payment to: Diamond Pros, Inc.


Your Team insurance must list

Also insured Diamond Pros and NewBridge Park

PLEASE mail payment and insurance to:
Diamond Pros
248-54 89 Avenue, Bellerose, NY 11426


 Don't miss out!!! Be there, play hard, and make your mark this season.


Tournament Rules and (Rules for Friendly games see below)    revised 1/15/2019      

1. Rosters:

  • Roster form- complete online with (players name,  address,  birthdate)

  • Please check in 1 hour prior to your first game.  Bring copy of roster with team name ,  managers name &  cell # and coach name & cell# to the tournament director or staff  along with copies of birth certificates which must be shown for each player and checked against your roster.  (You will keep your teams birth certificates)
  • You are allowed a total of 15 players, no new player on Sunday playoffs.

2. Scores: - Both teams are responsible to text/call in the scores at the end of each game to tournament director or staff # (___)____-______

3. Innings / Time Limits:

  • 10U & 12U seven innings
  • 14U & 16U , 18u seven innings
  • An official game will end at 7 innings or 1 hour and 25 minutes no new inning can start.  No game will go over 1 hour and 50 min., 
  • IN ALL GAMES- if the home team is ahead and up to bat when time expires,  the game is over and the inning will not be finished.

4. Home team: All pool games a coin flip will determine HOME TEAM.  Playoffs and Championship game – higher seed determines HOME TEAM

5. Game times start with - 1st pitch umpire sets time.

6. There are no stalling tactics allowed. Teams that engage in this kind of behavior are subject to possible suspension and forfeiture of games.

7. Line ups:

You can bat your line up and make substitutions as you want, just let other team and umpire know of change.

- Universal... if you start universal you must end universal- if a player gets injured and can’t play and there are no subs then it counts as an out

8. Courtesy Runners:

  • For catcher and pitcher only or player that got injured during game the courtesy runner is a player that is not in the game, if no subs, then last batted out.     note: the courtesy runner can't be the same runner for the pitcher and catcher

9.  Speed up Rule:

  • No infield balls allowed out after the 1st inning
  • A new pitcher will receive 5 warm ups their first inning, 3 every inning thereafter

10. Pitching:

  • 10U will pitch from 35ft
  • 12U will pitch from 40ft
  • 14U & 16U will pitch from 43ft
  • Pitchers shall be removed by the umpire if she hits 3 batters in an inning or 5 in a game
  • Pitchers will be allowed to pitch in accordance with the ASA or the National High School Federation pitching rules.

11. Mercy Rule:                                                                                                                                                

  • 10 Runs after 4 innings
  •  8 Runs after 5 innings

12. Drop third strike rule: … NO for 10u,   YES for  12u,14u,16u,18u

13. Infield Fly rule:…. NO for 10u,  YES for 12u,14u,16u,18u

14. Runner may leave:…when ball cross the plate for 10u, ON RELEASE 12u,14u,16u,18u

15. Tie breaker rule is as follows:

  1. POOL PLAY- if at the end of seven (7) innings the game is tied, International tie breaker rule will be implemented if time permits. If time expires during any pool play, the inning in progress will be completed and the game is over. Any pool game can end in a tie.
  2. CHAMPIONSHIP PLAY- if at the end of seven (7) innings the game is tied, International tie breaker rule will be implemented the  next inning starts with a runner (The last batter of the previous inning) at second base.  No time limit.

16. Protests:

This is a non-protest tournament. Remember the spirit of the tournament. Teams that refuse to play when the umpire says “Play Ball” could be penalized upon review by the tournament director, with forfeit of all remaining games

17. Avoid Contact Rule:

Avoid contact applies at all games: "A runner who fails to make a reasonable attempt to avoid a collision with a defensive player shall be called out. Any other runner advancing on the play shall be required to return to the last base visited. In the event that an umpire determines that a collision was flagrant (i.e., attempting to bowl over the catcher when it is clear that he has the ball and is waiting to apply the tag...), he has the authority to eject the offending player from the game.

18. Ejections:

  1. Any coach or parent that is ejected from the game will be suspended for the rest of the tournament, absolutely no exceptions
  2. Upon ejection you MUST leave the park. If you are not out of the park within 5 minutes your team will forfeit their game.
  3. Any player ejected has a mandatory 1 game suspension with additional games at the discretion of the tournament director.

19. Forbidden:

  • Artificial noise makers are not allowed by use of fans, players, or coaches. Failure to comply will result in removal from the park and or forfeiture of the game.
  • No team coach, player or substitute shall be outside of the dugout area and shall not have contact with anyone watching the game from behind the back stop.
  • Alcohol is forbidden for all complexes
  • Please don’t smoke near players, dugouts, bleachers

20. Weather:

  1. We will make every attempt to get all of the games in. This includes possibly playing in light rain and wet fields.
  2. Games that are stopped due to weather may or may not be continued.
  3. There will be no rained out games made up, games that are cancelled due to rain or unplayable field conditions will not be made up.

21. Seeding(s) will be determined as follows:

  • Best win/loss record (win =2 points, ties=1 point)
  • Head to head wins
  • Least runs allowed
  • Most runs scored
  • Coin flip


  • *61 or more days prior to tournament start date: 100% refundable will be made
  • *25 -60 days prior to tournament start date: 75% refund will be made
  • *1-24 days prior to the tournament start date: NO REFUND -100% of the cost is non-refundable

Note additiona lRULES FOR 10u &12u  FRIENDLY games ONLY                                                                                                          

10u & 12u  Friendly games -

  • Runs – 5 runs per inning (NOTE :only for 10u)
  • Stealing – No stealing after up 10 runs ( both 10u  & 12u)
  • Pitching – 4 innings max per pitcher per game ( both 10u & 12u)